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Power Bank

Power Bank

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Leatherette 2200 mAh Power Bank with USB Cord

Leatherette offers the look and feel of genuine leather at a fraction of the price. This richly textured, synthetic material is water resistant, easy to clean and durable enough for the rigors of daily use. The high-quality workmanship of each leatherette piece is sure to impress every recipient with its elegant individuality.

 Length 3 1/4"
0 3/4"
Overall Size 3 5/8" (L) x 1" (W)

Power Bank comes with a small, silver carabiner. 

Input: DC 5V Output: DC 5V Watt Hours: 7.92

USB cord is 12 1/2" long. 

Power Bank can be pulled out and rotated so clips are all on the same side. 

Included USB cable is for charging power bank. To charge your device from the power bank use your device's charging cord. 

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